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CHI 2010 focuses on how digital technologies are changing our lives and our world. As the cost of basic computing drops it becomes economically feasible for computing devices to enter many more parts of human life. This digital presence in everyday life poses new challenges in research, design and creativity. When computing is part of life rather than isolated on a desk, the human challenges loom much larger. As these human challenges are met, technology will influence and shape culture and society. It will literally be a new world. We see this as an exciting opportunity and hope that you will find both answers and questions in the proceedings of CHI 2010.

This DVD contains all of the Printed Proceedings, which includes PDFs and relevant videos for the Papers and Notes from the conference. It also contains the Extended Abstracts, which includes PDFs and relevant videos for Case Studies, Panels, Interactivity, Special Interest Groups, alt.chi, Design Theatre, Design Community, Doctoral Consortium, Work-in-Progress, Design Community, Video Showcase, Student Research Competition, Student Design Competition, and Workshops.

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