Lesson 1.1: Introduction


Welcome to the PowerSearchingWithGoogle MOOC!  It’s great to have you here.  

This MOOC (stands for “Massive Open Online Course”) comes in 6 Classes with 4 or 5 Lessons.  Each Lesson has an Activity for you to check your understanding of that Lesson.

Here’s what it looks like:

Figure: PowerSearchingWithGoogle class structure

At the mid-way point in the class, we have a midterm test, and then when everything is done, we have a final test. If you get 70% correct on the tests, you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion in your course profile page.  

Figure:  Class outline with tests.  

Power Searching with Google is a truly global class! You’ll have many fellow students from around the world participating in the class forums.  So, when the Activity suggests that you add something to one of the Forums, give it a try.  You’ll probably find it pretty interesting to see how others interpret the course assignments.  

And while you’re thinking about other countries, take a moment and check out Google from another country’s perspective.

Google.com is really the version of Google’s index for the US.  But many other countries have their own Google.  

Just search for [Google Senegal], [Google Costa Rica], or whatever country you want to explore.  If you find something really interesting, please share it in the Forum that’s associated with this lesson--Lesson 1.1.  

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